July 2014

The Iron Moto Challenge: We Won!

Amidst a field of great builders and stiff competition, our Motoworks Chicago team came out on top in the Iron Moto Challenge, put on by British Customs, ICON 1000 and Raen Optics. You've seen the bike, and we've shared the backstory. Now it's time to say thank you.

Profiles: Nina Czyzycka

Buying a motorcycle or scooter can feel like an intimidating thing to do. There's paperwork. The process would be drawn out and difficult if it weren't for one person: Nina.

Riding in Style

Motoworks Chicago has three new accessory clothing brands: Rev'it, Roland Sands Design and Ugly Bros. What do they have in common? Safety and style.

Cruising to Coffee & Classics

Motoworks took a group of Chicago-area riders up to the monthly Coffee & Classics event, where this month they featured Vincent Motorcycles.