Regular BEHIND THE MOTO readers have seen the epic adventures we took with the ICON Raiden team last year on a pair of Triumph Tiger 800 XCs. We ran the Mexican 1000 and the Alcan 5000 on these two bikes, and the result was two amazing films from ICON Motorsports, called Lords of the Atlas.

Above is ICON’s just-released new cut of the Mexican 1000 film that’s 100% pure awesome. It’s end-to-end action and highlights just what these adventure bikes are capable of. Enjoy.

You can watch the full version of Lords of the Atlas — Mexican 1000 here on BTM.

You can also watch the follow up, Lords of the Atlas — Alcan 5000 here as well.

For extra credit, dive into the backstory and read the behind-the-scenes accounts of these adventures as they happened using the “mw-tiger-adventure” tag here on BTM.