With only two days until the kick off of the Mexican 1000, the wraps have been taken off the bikes that we’ve been working on all year with desert racing extraordinaire, Mark Vanscourt. We’ve teamed up with Triumph, ICON and a handful of other key sponsors to put these two bikes together, and the last piece of the puzzle was for ICON to put these two bikes into full RAIDEN livery.

Motoworks ICON RAIDEN Tigers 280

What’s RAIDEN, you ask? Well RAIDEN is the name of ICON’s new line of adventure riding gear. We mentioned in our last Baja update that we’re going to be doing some gear testing for ICON in both the Mexican 1000 and the Alcan 5000. Well RAIDEN is that gear and that attitude from the folks at ICON. You can learn more about it at the ICON RAIDEN website.

Motoworks ICON RAIDEN Tigers 290

The official reveal of the two Tigers in their racing colors came earlier today on custom bike showcase site BikeEXIF. Click over for the run-down. With two bikes to show off, they each needed their own flavor. ICON came through in fine style, creating both yellow and white RAIDEN livery for the two Triumph Tigers. It’s been a massive team effort between Motoworks, Triumph, ICON and a host of others, and we just couldn’t be happier with the results. I know that Johnny in particular grins like a fool every time he sees that 312 on the side of the white Tiger.

As I type this, Johnny is in San Diego doing the final prep to start racing. He and Mark will run the white Tiger, while ICON’s own Joe Bolton and Ernie Vigil will run the yellow Tiger 1,000 miles through the deserts of Mexico. ICON will be filming the entire adventure and we’re confident the result won’t just be your run-of-the-mill GoPro footage of four guys zipping through the desert.

So how do you keep up with these racing shenanigans? Obviously we’ll have the behind-the-scenes here, and on the Motoworks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. However, don’t just follow our perspective. Keep up with us and the boys at ICON with the hashtag #Mexican1000 for updates as they come. Check out their Facebook, and Instagram feeds for the latest from their perspective.

What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments about our big desert cats.