Chicago’s Galerie F held a killer motorcycle-oriented art show opening on February 7th. Already a superb place to get art prints and originals ranging from gig posters to nerdy pop culture interpretations, “Beauty of the Beast” was a chance for Galerie F to showcase a wide collection of art with motorcycling at its heart.


By the time I arrived at the Friday night reception, it was already humming with gear heads and art appreciationists. With the bitter cold swirling outside, the inside of Galerie F quickly became a lovely snippet of the hope of spring. These were my people – these artists at heart — these voyagers in winter camp, their spirt animals made of steel, rubber and leather. Full of bike people, the already groovy vibe of Galerie F was made all the better.

Beauty of the Beast - 12

“The Beauty of the Beast” really impressed. So many terrific, imaginative pieces, and best of all, most were very affordable. $100 could snag you 3-4 pieces no problem. Miss the show? No problem, check out Galerie F’s web store. You can see all of the art from the reception and even purchase it online. Moto events aside, I’ll be hitting up Galerie F every once in a while from now on. Next time you’re cruising up Milwaukee, stop and check them out.

Beauty of the Beast - 02