Last week saw some actual signs of a coming Spring, and then bam, cold again. When will the Chicago winter finally loosen its grip? Bouncing around inside the now infamous “polar vortex” this winter, I can’t help but feel extra twitchy for spring. In short, I need to ride. I need to put two wheels under my arse, twist the throttle and make a roaring noise into the wind. All that’d take is a decent rain and some temperatures in the 40s for me. Is that such a tall order?

Dreaming of warmer weather has me thinking about the season to come. It’s going to be a great year for local and regional events. Those willing to travel out to Madison can make the Slimey Crud Run on May 6 (and again on October 5th).

Milwaukee’s Rockerbox show has joined up with the AHRMA’s vintage racing schedule to combine into one massive vintage moto weekend at Road America this year June 6-8. This has to potential to turn this event into the Midwest’s very own Barber weekend — a proper vintage motorcycle festival and everything that includes. I can’t wait. These were great events on their own. Combining them only sweetens the deal.

Mods vs. Rockers just announced their 2014 schedule (June 13-15) and location (Cobra Lounge on Ashland). One of the premier motorcycle and scooter shows in the country, MvR never fails to bring out interesting folks and interesting bikes.

Motoworks will also be involved in a number of different racing events this year all over the country (and the world). Stay tuned for those details.

What else? What are YOU looking forward to this year? What’s the can’t-miss ride? What show are you taking time off work to ride out to? Tell us in the comments.