This coming weekend is The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, and it’s one of our favorites. If it weren’t enough to simply get together with a few hundred of our closest motorcycle and scooter pals, it’s all for a terrific cause. Specifically, the DGR this year has set out to raise a whopping $3,000,000 for prostate cancer research. Right now this global motorcycle event is on track for about half that goal, but on the bright side, Chicago is currently one of the most generous cities participating in the event, with Team Motoworks currently 5th amongst all teams worldwide. Combine us with Ton Up Chicago, and we’re in 3rd place overall. Not bad, Chicago. Not bad.

So to the event itself. If you’re signed up for the ride, you should have gotten an email with event details, but for those who haven’t signed up, we’ll recap that here. Yet before we go down that road, go ahead and take this opportunity to sign up. The event is free. You don’t have to donate anything to cancer research in order to sign up or participate in the ride (but seriously, it’s a great cause — pony up a couple bucks, will ya?).

Sign up here: The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Okay, so here’s the goods on Sunday’s ride:

Start Location: Meet at All Rise Brewery (formerly, and still kind of, The Cobra Lounge).

Gather at: 9:00 AM
The ride leaves at: 11:00 AM

The Route: We’re basically doing a mass run up and down Lakeshore Drive in Chicago. A more detailed map of the route can be found here: Chicago DGR Map.

Our Destination: Holiday Club Chicago. If you get separated, held up, or arrested, just meet us all there when you make bail.

Now here’s the big secret of the DGR: it’s not really about the ride. The ride is great, don’t get me wrong, but the magic of the DGR is in the time spent with everyone before and especially after the ride. So come make a day of it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is this a Motoworks Event?
Negative, Ghost Rider. The DGR is a global event, but even the Chicago chapter of the DGR is being organized not by us, but by our buddy Larry over at Steel Toe Press. Motoworks has fielded a fundraising team, and we’re helping get the word out, but this isn’t our event. We’re just happy to be here.

Is it too late to sign up?
Not at all. You could sign up in the parking lot at All Rise, sitting on your bike, using your iPhone, 90 seconds before we pull out. No need to cut it that close, though. You can sign up right now.

Do I have to dress up?
Well, that is kind of the point, right? We do highly recommend you still wear a helmet though, whatever your wardrobe choices.

Can women participate, or is this a men-only event?
Absolutely women can ride! Dapper ladies are encouraged to ride and show their love for the men in their lives. It may be nearly October, but this is no sausage fest.

Can I ride my scooter?
Of course! Keep in mind that we’ll be spending most of the ride on Lakeshore Drive. So if you’re comfortable running your 50cc scoot down LSD, then more power to ya. No really, you’re probably going to need more power.

Is this a led ride?
No it is not. You’re responsible for your own safety and for following Chicago’s traffic laws. Just because the bike in front of you does something, that doesn’t mean you should do it too. Also, if the fuzz stops your dapper ass, you’re on your own. No sudden moves now, either. We don’t want to see you on the news in a low speed chase with the CPD. (Well, maybe a little.)

How many bikes are going to show up?
Last year we saw what I’d estimate was more than 300 bikes. This event keeps getting bigger, so expect at least that many.

See you Sunday!

P.S. You can read all about last year’s event right here on BTM.