The old adage is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and that’s something that one could certainly apply to Triumph’s midsize naked sportbike, the Street Triple. From its growling 675cc, 3-cylinder power unit, to the chassis poise, to the phenomenal suspension and brake setup (especially on the R), one could assume that there wasn’t much room for improvement. Apparently Triumph didn’t see it that way, even though this has been a best-seller in the UK and USA alike. The 2017 Street Triple has been revealed, and Triumph is not #$&@ing around.

For 2017, Triumph have taken then Street Triple and turned it up to Eggo-lovin’ eleven. Where a simple facelift or new color ways would have probably been plenty, instead the new 2017 Street Triple has a host of significant upgrades. First, Triumph have upgraded and expanded the engine to 765cc. Boasting 80 new internal engine components, this is not just a punched-out version of the old motor. An increased bore and stroke give the engine more displacement. Nikasil-plated aluminium cylinders, redesigned pistons, and an upgraded crankshaft are just some of the new bits. The result, according to Triumph, is a bike that makes even better low-end and mid-range power. Updated engine management software also broadens the Street Triple lineup with different power outputs for different models.

2017 Street Triple

The new range of 2017 Street Triple have updated styling as well, which now better matches its big brother, the Speed Triple. Triumph managed to make these upgrades while also dropping 4.4 lbs of weight. While not exactly a mind-blowing weight loss, to have upgraded the engine, suspension, brakes and body work all without gaining any weight is an accomplishment. For a bike that already had a power-to-weight ratio to rival half-million dollar super cars, it’s not like it needed to go on a diet. Add to that a next-generation suite of contemporary electronics like ABS, ride modes and traction control, and it’s obvious Triumph have brought their A-game to this next generation Street Triple.

One bike. Three models. More options.

2017 Street Triple
The previous Street Triple lineup was essentially two bikes. The Street Triple, and the Street Triple R. The difference between the two, besides color options, was that the Street Triple R came with a much higher-spec suspension and brake setup. Later models also included ABS, but otherwise the two bikes were the same. For this new generation, Triumph are offering the 2017 Street Triple in three variations: S, R and RS.

PRO BUYER TIP: When shopping between the three Street Triple models, keep in mind that you will never be able to upgrade your suspension or brakes as inexpensively as from the factory. Economies of scale and competitive price pressures make the upgraded models a better value. That is, unless you enjoy stalking eBay looking to scavenge upgraded forks off of wrecked bikes. To each his own. Off the shelf, the upgraded components will cost you 2-3X more than the price difference between an S and an R, for example. If the base model has what you need, that’s awesome, but if you’ve got your eye on future upgrades, take our word for it: upgrading later may be dime wise but dollar foolish.

The 2017 Street Triple S

2017 Street Triple
The Street Triple S is geared toward more causal riding. As the base model Street Triple, it has the least power of the three new models, but is still making about 7% more ponies (113 hp) than the bike it’s replacing. The S will feature two riding modes (Road and Rain) and you can also switch the ATC off all together for #WheelieWednesday and doing rear wheel smoke signals. Just make sure the fuzz doesn’t see you.

As for suspension the S gets 41mm Showa upside-down forks up front with 4.3″ of travel, and a pre-load adjustable mono-shock in the rear. Nothing fancy, but ready for street duty all the same.

Aside from some of its looks, the Street Triple S is also inheriting the full color TFT dash display from the refreshed Speed Triple. It will show you speed, revs, what gear you’re in (personal favorite), what riding mode you’re in, fuel, and then typical odometer/trip/journey functionality.

Lastly the S will come in two colors: Diablo Red or Phantom Black Metallic

The 2017 Street Triple R

2017 Street Triple
Like the previous generation bike, this new Street Triple R is a significant step up from the base model S. Power increases to 118 hp and an upgrade slip-assist clutch rounds out the engine tweaks. Four ride modes on the R include Road, Rain, Sport and a rider-programmable mode where you can program your own levels of engine response and ABS/ATC intervention. Changes are made via a little “switch cube” 5-way joystick, but we’d still recommend making your tweaks in the parking lot.

2017 Triumph Street Triple - BEHIND THE MOTO

Speaking of UI, the Street Triple R also gets an upgraded dash display over the base model S. Most notable is the ability to reconfigure the display itself with different arrangements of the virtual gauges to suit your taste. The upgraded display also includes additional information, including average and real-time fuel consumption, current fuel range, service information, engine coolant temperature, and more information about warning symbols when they crop up.

Yet the most significant upgrades, like the previous R, come in the suspension and brakes. The 41mm Showa front forks in the Street Triple R feature full adjustability and just over 4.5″ of travel. Mated to those forks are a set of Brembo M4.32 4-piston radial monobloc calipers for undoing all that hard work done by your right hand and your left foot. The rear caliper on the Street Triple R is a Brembo 1-caliper unit as well, and ABS helps keeps everything shiny side up. The rear suspension on the R is Showa piggy-back reservoir mono-shock.

Colors include a glossy Jet Black, Matte Aluminium Silver, and Crystal White. (I’m a sucker for a white bike, myself.)

The 2017 Street Triple RS

2017 Street Triple
New for this latest generation, the RS is the Street Triple’s top-range model. It inherits all the finery of the S and R, plus some additional goodies. First to note is the 123hp engine output. This power is regulated through the same slip-assist clutch as the R, but in the case of the RS also includes a quick-shifter that Triumph says shifts more than twice as fast, even when compared to experienced riders.

The suspension on the RS is a step up even from the R, with front fork adjustability for compression dampening, rebound and preload alike. The rear shock gets an upgrade also on the RS, being fitted with an Öhlins STX40. The front brakes are Brembo M50 4-piston radial monobloc calipers and a span/ratio adjustable lever. The rear brake is the same Brembo unit as the R.

The Street Triple RS also gets a different set of factory tires. Where the S and R have a pair of Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tires, the RS gets more track-aggressive Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SPs.

Lastly, the RS gets even more tech readout on its display, including a lap timer display, and more gauge layout options. The RS also adds a Track riding mode alongside the four available on the R (Road, Rain, Sport, Rider-programmable, and now Track) for a total of five. It’s also coming in two colors: Matte Silver Ice and Phantom Black Metallic

When will we see them?

2017 Street Triple
Triumph has told us we’re going to see a new bike model arriving in our showroom every month this season, the new Street Triple included. The info we have is that the RS will be available first, as early as April. The R will follow, and we should have the S available in May. We can take deposits today on any of these bikes, or any of the other exciting bikes Triumph has coming down the shoot. Street Scrambler anyone?

Like what you see? We’re ready to take deposits on the new Street Triple. Deposits are 100% refundable, and are the fastest way to get you the new Triumph you want. Email our Sales Team or call (312) 738-4269.