We’re thrilled to announce that Motoworks Chicago is adding a new motorcycle brand to our showroom: Royal Enfield. We’ll be selling new Royal Enfield motorcycles, parts, accessories, apparel, and we’ll be doing service as well.

Get the wheels turning: Schedule a test ride on a new Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield is a proud brand with a storied heritage. Originally a British arms manufacturer (like BSA) they built their first motorcycle in 1901. The now iconic Bullet name is a reference to that history and that motorcycle is one of the fundamental forms in classic bikes. In fact, the Bullet is the oldest continuous bike model in history. It’s truly an icon of the motorcycle world.


Now that icon comes to Chicago, and we’re stoked. I asked our founder, Johnny Scheff, about what went into the decision to bring Royal Enfield onboard at Motoworks Chicago.

“We’ve always been curious about the bikes and fond of the brand. I was able to ride one of the new fuel-injected models last year and I was pleasantly surprised by the performance and quality feel of the machine. From a business perspective, we know there is a gap in the motorcycle market that the Enfield fills. Its great for a beginner — for their first bike — but still super fun to ride for a salty old dog like me. This lets us take care of that first-time rider customer with a bike that’s just right for starting out, and that’s really important to us. It’s just a good fit all around. We like the bikes, the company is solid and stable, and so we felt that these bikes deserved proper representation in Chicago.”

We’re excited to have this great old name in our shop, but we’re even more excited about the actual Royal Enfield lineup. They’re classic designs with modern technology and reliability. The Bullet, the 500 Classic, and the Continental GT all fill that gaping hole in the motorcycle market that Johnny described above. The Enfield is a terrific beginner’s bike, but at 500cc, it’s not so small that a new rider will outgrow it after a single season, or ever. Beginner or not, it’s also affordable, with a starting price just over $5,000. We’ll break down the lineup in detail here on BEHIND THE MOTO, so stay tuned for that.


We’ll have bikes in the shop starting next week, including demos. We can’t wait to see these great little bikes thumping their way around town.

Before you ask, no, this is not an April Fool’s joke. The date is a coincidence.