With the weather turning colder, we can’t help but start thinking about next riding season. Sure, we’ll head out west and do some desert this winter, but our bigger plans really start next spring. While we’re still getting our calendars fully fleshed out, one thing we know we have to look forward to is a handful of new bikes from Ducati. In particular, we’re really excited about an all-new machine, the Ducati Scrambler.


Ducati has been in a transition these past few years. Steady growth in reputation and sales has earned Ducati a pretty rabid fan base and established them as an aspirational brand. The Panigale and Multistrada are un-apologetically premium machines. Unless you’re Chris Harris, you don’t typically buy a Monster 1200 as your first bike. Yet with this premium orientation, it’d be easy see Ducati as a bit unapproachable. From our point of view, that’s exactly what Ducati is hoping to bridge with the new Scrambler.


This new bike is a convergence of so many great decisions on Ducati’s parts. It’s an air-cooled 800, so it’s going to have a ton of engine character. At a reported 75 hp and weighing in at just 410 lbs wet, the Ducati Scrambler is going to be a blast to ride. It’s got top-notch suspension components and Brembo brakes. Lots of ground clearance and an exhaust system tucked tightly to the bike’s frame mean its actually going to be useable off-road. Best of all, the MSRP is going to start at just $8,595.


The Scrambler also has a lot of great design details that we’re excited about. From a LED-ringed round headlight up front, to trim fenders and stylish turn signals, this bike has a minimal, classic look that’s grounded in old-school. One really interesting thing Ducati is doing with the Scrambler is not simply offering different paint schemes on the same bike, but four distinct versions of the Scrambler, each with unique colors, accessories and details meant to serve a particular purpose.


While we don’t have specific delivery dates for the new Scrambler arriving in the shop yet, we’ll definitely throw a get-together when our first one arrives. We’ll have demos available once spring rolls around as well, and we’ve already got our eyes on some Scrambler-enabled adventuring we want to tackle once summer rolls back ’round again. In the meantime, go check out Ducati’s Scrambler site.