Week to week, we have lots of great bikes on the showroom floor. New stock from Triumph, Ducati and Vespa give folks a lot of great choices for fun on two wheels. Just as often, we take in really interesting pre-owned bikes. A great example of this is a bike we’ve got on the showroom floor right now: a Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE.

Paul Smart Ducati -  446

Whether you’re a Ducati fan or not, this is a hard bike to ignore. From the heavily metal-flaked silver paint to the green trellis frame, this bike isn’t going to blend in. This particular Paul Smart features more than just the Pirelli Phantom tires. In particular, a gnarly set of Zard pipes give this bike an even more unique look, but better yet, a hell of a growl. Yet the standard stuff is there where it counts too. In particular, Ohlins front and back and that signature Ducati Desmodromic 2-valve motor.

Paul Smart Ducati -  450

Already a rare bike, this one is all the more one-of-a-kind and you can find it right now on the Motoworks Chicago showroom floor. Come check it out before some very serious Ducati fan snatches it up.

Paul Smart Ducati -  448

Paul Smart Ducati -  449

Paul Smart Ducati -  453

Paul Smart Ducati -  451