As you may have noticed, we’ve been partnering with British Customs in a big bad way lately. We’re featuring their terrific bolt-on parts for modern Triumphs on several of our Works Edition new models. We think they make for terrific examples of what these bikes can really be right out of the box. The latest is this cool sliver and orange Triumph Scrambler.

Scrambler Works Edition 010

We’re big fans of the Scrammy. It’s got the off-road cred and the on-road capability to be a go-anywhere everyday rider. Our own Danny Valdez has just ordered a Scrambler of his own and his shopping list of British Customs parts isn’t too different than the one on this bike. Let’s look at the details.

• British Customs Mini Reverse Cone Exhaust (it sounds utterly fantastic)
• British Customs Reservoir Kit (front brake)
• British Customs Front Sprocket Cover
• British Customs Chain Guard
• British Customs Clutch Lifter Arm Finisher
• British Customs Bates-style Foot Peg Mount
• British Customs Mock Monza Gas Cap
• British Customs Vintage Rear Sprocket
• British Customs Retro Taillight
• British Customs Rear Turn Signal Relocation Kit
• British Customs Retro Turnsignals
• British Customs Slammer Seat
• British Customs Four Bolt Handlebar Risers
• Pro Taper Handlebars
• Old School Bar End Mirrors

Scrambler Works Edition 002

At first glance, it’s just a Scrambler right? But dig into the details and there are so many little things that make this bike not just special, but better. The note coming off the exhaust is a thing to behold.

Scrambler Works Edition 006

I’m especially fond of the blacked-out machined brake fluid reservoir. Modern brake components are great, but they don’t always have the details to look their best on these modern classics. Ditching the plastic reservoir for that little number is something I’ll be doing on my own Bonneville. Come to think of it, there’s a lot in the British Customs catalog that needs to go on my Bonneville. If you feel the same way, we can get you any British Customs part you need and do the installation no problem. Sure, you can bolt some stuff on yourself, but keep in mind that things like the Mini Reverse Cone Exhaust on this Scrambler does actually require a few bits of fabrication.

The result for this bike is something we’re really excited about. Come see it in our showroom, and if the spirit moves you, we’ll happily take a deposit on it just in time for the weather to warm up next week.