In the city, you just can’t beat a scooter for getting around. If you’re going to ride a scooter, there’s one brand that stands wheels and tires above the others: Vespa. We’re an unapologetic Vespa dealer and have been since we started carrying them in 2008. Truth is, Vespas are just great to ride. They’re a premium scooter product that to this day still make their bikes using a pressed steel monocoque chassis. It’s lighter, stiffer, and let’s face it more beautiful than cheaper alternatives. Johnny and half the sales staff use Vespas as near daily transportation here in Chicago. Betty even road one at our track day last year. They’re that good.

Last year, model year 2014, Vespa revamped the small-frame lineup. First with the 946, then the Primavera and lastly the Sprint. Each share the same 150cc 3V engine that got both more powerful and more fuel-efficent vs. the engine it replaced in the LX-150 and the Vespa S. The Primavera and Sprint are also available in 4V 50cc sizes. With three new models in such a short time, you’d think Vespa would just let the lineup coast for 2015, but you’d be wrong.

Pushing past the city: Vespa’s new Touring models.


We know how great the Vespa is in the city, but there’s nothing to keep you from venturing out across the country. Just choose backroads and there’s really nowhere you can’t go on a scooter. With this in mind, Vespa is offering touring packages on both the Primavera 50/150 and the GTS 300. The packages include a midsize windshiled, front and rear luggage racks, and exclusive seats as standard. No need for separate installation. However, if these new Touring models have you inspired to deck out the Vespa you’ve already got, come see us and we can get you decked out. Amerivespa is in Indy this year, so why not take a road trip?

The GTS 300 gets ABS and Traction Control


Since it debuted on the Vespa 946, both ABS and ATC (traction control) have been making their way across the Vespa lineup. First with ABS in the Sprint, Vespa has brought both ABS and ATC as options to the 2015 GTS and GTS Super. With the higher top speed and greater heft of the large-frame Vespa, both ABS and ATC make a lot of sense, especially in wet conditions. That little extra bit of peace of mind just means you can worry less and have more fun.

A new year, a new flagship: The Vespa 946 Bellissima


With its striking, uncompromising design and first-to-market ABS/ATC, the Vespa 946 is the most ambitions project Vespa has ever put into mass production. Now in its second year, Vespa have updated the 946 with new available colors, a new seat to accommodate a pillion, and an optional spare tire. Each accessory is exclusive to the 946 and works harmoniously with the bike’s iconic lines.

Keeping the focus on style and fun

So while it won’t be another three new model year for Vespa (or its brother brand in Piaggio), 2015 still has a lot to offer from the world’s most recognizable scooter brand. We’re already seeing 2015 models arrive in our showroom, so please come by and have a look.