This year saw our first season with Triumph’s reimagined Bonneville line. The Street Twin, T120, and Thruxton made us fall in love with Modern Classic all over again. These new bikes featured lighter weight, more power, better fit and finish, better handling, better brakes, better looks and a long list of betters we could go on and on about. Turns out Triumph wasn’t satisfied with just three new Bonneville versions, so they’ve come out with three more.

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber


When one thinks chopper or bobber, it’s easy to assume Harley Davidson. Yet back in the ’60s and ’70s, there were plenty of Brit bikes like Triumphs, BSAs and Nortons getting the American custom treatment. Now Triumph has reached back into that heritage and released a factory bike in the style of a vintage Brit bobber.


Based on the T120 platform, the Bonneville Bobber features Triumph’s 1200cc Bonneville motor. With smooth torque for days, but still plenty of grumble, this engine will go perfectly with this bike’s cruiser style. Speaking of style, even though the bike may look like a classic hard tail at a glance, there’s actually a mono-shock nestled deep in the Bobber’s frame. A long, hugger-style rear fender rounds out the look.


There’s a lot to like here. Mid controls keep the bike comfortable for most, although I’d be astonished if Triumph didn’t quickly offer a forward control option. The lines of the exhaust flow really nicely. The tail light assembly is about as tidy as one could hope for and still be DOT compliant. I also really like the “Bobber” scripted on the side cover. That would be an easy detail to screw up or go too far with. I think they’ve struck a nice balance. While choosing “Bobber” as the overt model name is a little on the nose, why complicate things?


Overall, the Bonneville Bobber has a ton of style. It’s surprising to see a manufacturer make so strong a statement as this with the bike’s design. Typically, it feels like you can see through the production version of a bike and toward what the designers actually wanted. You can see where the concept was watered down. This bike doesn’t feel like that. Instead it feels like Triumph doing what they’re good at: creating modern, reliable bikes that aggressively embrace the timeless styles of the past.

The New Triumph Bonneville T100 and Street Cup


Did you think the new T120 was replacing the T100? So did I. Turns out Triumph had other plans. The T100 is back, in black. Based on the 900cc engine and chassis of the Street Twin, Triumph have brought the classic lines, details and laid back attitude into the new generation of Bonneville.


While they were at it, Triumph also brought the simple style of the previous generation Thruxton into the new Bonneville generation with the all new Street Cup. Classic cafe racer style gets an update for 2017, and if you ask us, a serious upgrade in terms of the underlying motorcycle. Sure, if you want real performance, you’re probably thinking Thruxton R. Yet if you want the smaller, more nimble bike, but still enjoy the Cafe Racer aesthetics, then the Street Cup has you covered.

What’s fun is how these bikes feel immediately familiar. In many ways, the Street Twin and its new siblings are the true next gen Bonneville. They’re the most similar to the bikes from the previous generation in terms of engine size and performance. Triumph could have led with just those three bikes and called it a day. Instead, Triumph also expanded the Bonneville range to include the 1200cc family of bikes that we now know as the T120, Thruxton, and Bobber. So seeing the Street Twin joined by the T100 and the Street Cup makes a lot of sense.

New Bonneville Models? Count us in. We’re stoked.

I can’t wait until we see these new bikes in the metal, and thankfully we won’t have to wait too long. Triumph is taking these new bikes on the road, much like they did last winter with the Street Twin, the T120 and the Thruxton. Stay tuned for that, and make sure you’re subscribed to our email newsletter for the latest.

Meanwhile, we’re waiting for news of the next Triumph Scrambler…

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