Even though Motoworks started as a repair shop, we’ve also always worked to support guys and gals who are wrenching on their own machines. We try give that support in a few different ways. Obviously, we can get you parts for your BMW, Triumph, Ducati, Piaggio or Vespa (plus basically any general-purpose moto parts you might need). Basically, we’re ready to help as little or as much as you’d like. We can do full restorations. You know that. But we’ll also change a tire if you’ll pull the wheel. We can help you get your parts powder-coated or painted. Most of all, we’re here for perspective and advice.

One question we get a lot is from folks who are doing some basic performance mods on their motorcycles. Maybe it’s doing the air-injection removal kit on a Bonneville. Or maybe it’s a louder, more interesting exhaust. These are pretty straightforward mods that can be done with basic tools, but the big question mark for most mere mortals has to do with tuning. Most people aren’t set up to do their own ECU flashes, and jetting your carbs is not everybody’s cup of tea.

So the question we get a lot is this: If I toss on a new set of pipes or some pods, can I ride it to Motoworks for tuning without messing up the motor? The answer is yes, you’ll be fine. If the bike runs and rides, just bring it on by. Now you shouldn’t just ride around all season without getting your bike tuned in, but you can make it from the other side of town to our shop without doing any damage. The tune you’ll need is really more about making the bike run great. Until then, it’ll likely idle poorly and you’re not going to get the benefits from your performance upgrades. Want those extra couple of horsepower out of those pipes, we’ll help you tap into them.