Last year we took on two epic adventures with Triumph and Icon. Armed with a pair of Triumph Tiger 800XCs and some key sponsorship, we raced off-road from nearly one end of North America to the other. The first of those two adventures was the NORRA Mexican 1000. We weren’t there to set the course record. We weren’t there to beat anybody else in the race. We were there to prove a point — to show that these two Tigers were built for adventure in more than just name.

We were also there to make a moto adventure film, the first of two. Icon’s previous films, such as Portland to Dakar, have set the standard for epic motorcycle escapades. Well today it’s our pleasure to share the first of those two finished films, Lords of the Atlas — Mexican 1000.

Seeing days of adventure compressed into 20 minutes of highlights, fun moments and epic helicopter footage makes all the dust, heat and troubleshooting worth every bead of sweat and pucker-inducing sand wobble. Yet it doesn’t tell the story in detail. Thankfully, that’s what Behind The Moto is for. Read between the lines with our coverage from last year:

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Motoworks and ICON in the Mexican 1000

Stay tuned for the second Lords of the Atlas film, which will feature our adventures on the Alcan 5000. Also, mark your calendars for the evening of April 25, 2015. We’ll be taking over the Patio Theater for a big-screen showing of both Lords of the Atlas films, plus a feature presentation of Bruce Brown’s classic, On Any Sunday. In the meantime, enjoy the small screen premier of our Baja adventure.