For a solid decade, we’ve been partnering with Sport Bike Track Time (STT) to run our annual Motoworks track days. They’re the best in the business and they make our events not just safe, but a whole lot of fun. Best part, they make track riding an inviting and approachable thing for all types of bikes and people of all skill levels. Personally, I had an amazing first-time track experience last year during our Motoworks track day, which you can read about here and here.

This year, our annual Motoworks Chicago track day is happening at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan on Monday, August 17th. An email from Johnny with the details actually went out this morning. Once again, Sport Bike Track Time will be hooking us up with a great experience that’s as useful to first timers as it is to dedicated track rats.

Speaking of first timers, Sport Bike Track Time is partnering with us in a different way this year, and it’s pretty fantastic. If you’re a first time rider with Sport Bike Track Time and you buy a new or used Triumph or Ducati from Motoworks Chicago, they’ll hook you up with a track day on the house.

Now this does NOT apply to our Motoworks track day coming up in August, but it does apply to other midwestern SBTT events happening this year.

Here’s how it works:

STT reserves two Beginner group spots for all of its Northern track day events for 1st time STT riders that have purchased a motorcycle in 2015 from Motoworks Chicago. Just email to reserve your spot. It’s first come, first served, so sign up early.

For those who haven’t done a track day before, you might have some assumptions about what they’re all about. Sure, you can use it as an opportunity to flog the hell out of your motorcycle and feel the thrill of doing speeds that’ll get your arrested on the street. Yet for us and for STT, that’s not the greatest value. Track days are about learning how to really ride your bike, and those skills translate back onto the street in incredibly useful ways. Truth is, our bikes are more capable than we are. By learning how to get the most from our machines, that’s knowledge we can put to use on our daily commute or our weekend rides. It means that when we need to ask more of our bikes in tricky situations, we know how to do it with skill and we’re doing it from muscle memory.

Adding to that riding confidence is worth every penny a rider would typically pay for one of Sport Bike Track Time’s awesome events. Now first timers can start that journey for free on their new Ducati or Triumph.