Back in October we got a sneak peak of what’s new from Triumph for 2015, and now that it’s all public, we’re ready to share it with you. It’s a mix of new models, new color options, and new special editions. Some of these are even already starting to show up on the Motoworks showroom floor.

Across the Triumph brand, the most basic new thing to understand is how we’re now addressing colors. Basically every Triumph offered, from Bonnevilles to Thunderbirds will be available in three tiers of color and features across the board. Basic, solid colors will start of each model, then two-tone, then special editions. While every new Triumph won’t precisely follow this pattern, it’ll be easy to glance around our show room and know what’s up. That two-tone Bonneville T100 is gonna cost a little more than the solid color. Basic stuff, but Triumph has rolled this out more or less across the board for 2015. That’s boring though, let’s get to the good stuff.

The 2015 Tiger 800XC
MY15 XC Riding 5
Already the best midsize adventure machine you can buy (sorry BMW), we know the Tiger 800 all too well. We put a pair of them through the ringer in the Mexican 1000 and the Alcan 5000 in 2014. Truth be told, we were skeptical about such a big bike doing serious off-road duty, but the Tiger 800 XCs opened our eyes to just how capable these bikes really are. In particular, having a bike that can haul rider and gear as comfortably at 90 mph as at 20 mph, then basically ride up the side of a mountain on a moment’s notice is something special indeed.

MY15 XCx Detail 16

For 2015, Triumph have given the Tiger 800 one key upgrade: the engine. They’ve taken an otherwise “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach when it comes to the chassis and suspension geometry, but invested in a completely re-worked power plant. Still an 800cc triple, this new engine has two key upgrades that will make a world of difference on this new Tiger 800.

First, this new motor is producing better than 90 hp through an all-new ride-by-wire system. Why does ride-by-wire matter? Basically, rider modes, traction control and cruise control. Mated with the Tiger’s electronically adjustable suspension, these new rider modes let you dial in the Tiger 800’s throttle response, power output and suspension settings to fit particular riding situations. With switchable ABS, the Tiger’s do-anything potential lets you easily transition from on-road to off-road missions without having to pull out any tools. For a bike designed to be a do-anything travel machine, these new features help to extend the Tiger 800’s already significant capabilities.

The second key upgrade to the Tiger 800’s new engine comes in terms of cooling. Taking key learnings from the Tiger 1200 Explorer mill, the new 800 motor now runs cooler, has better ventilation, and radiates much less of that heat to the rider. This is a welcome update, as we definitely noticed a lot of heat coming off the engine in Mexico. A cooler engine also gives better fuel economy in this case, with 50-70 mpg easy enough on this new model.

Triumph has basically two flavors of the Tiger 800, the XR and the XC. The XR is the more basic, more road-oriented version of the Tiger 800. The XC is the adventure-oriented model with more features. The XRX and XCX models respectively add additional features to their underlying models. If you want rider modes and cruise control, for example, you’ll want to pony up for that extra “X”.

Check out the full list of new features and other details over at Triumph’s site.

Special Edition Bonnevilles
The Bonneville and all its Modern Classic variants are staff favorites at Motoworks. If you look at the personal rides of many of the Motoworks crew, you’ll find a lot of Bonnevilles, Thruxtons and Scramblers. For 2015, Triumph isn’t messing with a good thing too much. The Bonneville, T100, Thruxton and Scrambler are all rolling forward into 2015, but what is changing is how colors break down and the presence of a couple of new special editions.

Bonneville T214
In 1956, Triumph set a two-wheel land speed record of 214.4 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Rider Johnny Allen piloted the purpose-built streamliner into the record books. Yet more importantly for modern triumph fans, the name of that iconic natural race course would live on as Triumph’s most iconic model: the Bonneville.

To celebrate this history, Triumph has put together a special edition, the T214, dressed in the same blue and white livery as that 1956 streamliner. While this particular Triumph won’t itself do 214 mph, it’s a fun way to celebrate the origins of the model. The T214 features a handful of details you won’t find on the standard T100, including a smaller headlight and key blacked-out details such as the mirrors.

LD - Triumph - Thruxton Ace - 1130

The second special edition is the Ace Cafe Thruxton. With the Ace Cafe being so iconic in the whole cafe racer / rocker culture as we know it, the association is a no-brainer. Dressed in stark white with black details and custom graphics, the Ace Cafe Thruxton special edition pays homage to the roots of the modern classic as we know it. It’s a particularly handsome package, if we do say so ourselves.

Look for both bikes on our showroom floor starting this winter. In fact, as I write this, we’ve already got a T214 available for preview and purchase. Come check it out.

The Thunderbird Nightstorm Special Edition
While Triumph is perhaps best known for its Modern Classics and Daytona race bikes, there’s plenty to love in the cruiser crowd as well. The 1800cc Thunderbird is all the grandeur of your prototypical big cruiser, but with superb handling and less engine drama. For 2015, Triumph is offering the Nightstorn special edition, which features murdered out black details all around and really cool two-tone “ghost flame” paint on the tank.


If a big cruiser is your jam, this new Thunderbird may be just the iron horse for you. Check out more on the Nightstorm in this review from Rider Magazine.

In addition to these new models and special editions, Triumph is still offering a terrific lineup of bikes to suit whatever type of riding you’re hoping to do in 2015. Wanna go fast? Put yourself on a Speed Triple R, Street Triple R, or Daytona 675R. Looking for ride-anywhere versatility? You’ve got two great sizes of the Tiger to choose from: 800 or 1200. Take your pick. Looking for that perfect all-rounder? You can’t go wrong with a Modern Classic in the Bonneville, T100, Thruxton or Scrambler. Jonesing for a big bike? The Thunderbird will easily scratch that itch, as will the biggest boy of them all — the 2.3L Triumph Rocket III. We love the versatility of the lineup that Triumph offers, that’s why we carry them. Want to eat up road miles in comfort? You can’t beat the Trophy SE. And remember, if you don’t see the particular Triumph you’re looking for on our showroom floor, just let us know. We can ask around and find you the bike you want. Best of all, go see Nina and she’ll help get you financed and protected.

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