Back during Motoblot, Motoworks took on three other regional Triumph dealers in the Iron Moto Build-off. Dubbed “Calle Maton”, our bike was a Triumph Speedmaster transformed into the fire-breathing custom bike. When the votes came in, Calle Maton reigned supreme when the votes came in from fans like you.

Motoworks Chicago Calle Maton -  535

Now Calle Maton is facing off against our fellow Triumph dealers nationwide. So once again, we’re calling on Motoworks fans, friends and family to vote and put us on the podium one more time. Voting is easy, just head over to Facebook and like this photo on Triumph’s page:

Motoworks Chicago Calle Maton -  587

Just likes, that’s it.

Why should you vote for Calle Maton instead of one of the other amazing Triumph custom bikes? Simple. Our bike has an amazing paint job from Blue Moon Kustoms and it can shoot fire a good three feet out its exhaust pipes. Not little flashes. Not a backfire pop. We’re talking four foot long, full on KISS concert flames roaring out of the tail pipes.

So vote metal. Vote Motoworks.

In the meantime, here’s even more photos.