We are consistently amazed just how many great custom motorcycle builders there are in the Chicago area. It’s a reflection on the Chicago rider community as a whole. We’re a fierce little sub-culture of midwestern riders and while ours isn’t the best city for riding, we still ride all the same. When we’re not riding, many of us are building, including Tony Prust of Analog Motorcycles. Based out of his shop in the northern ‘burbs, Tony has been quietly turning out one immaculate custom bike after another and his body of work is second to none.

AAnalog Motorcycles AMA Raffle Bike

The latest in that long line of remarkable motorcycles is a bike near and dear to us as die hard BMW airhead fans. It’s a 1975 R75/6, which Analog have heavily modified into the bike you see here. With dozens of custom touches, this little BMW is a terrific blend of modern and vintage. It’s an old soul with a lot of new touches that will make it that much more reliable, and that much more high performing. If you made it out to Mama Tried (and had your night vision goggles with you) you may have caught a glimpse of this bike along with several other Analog builds.

Analog Motorcycles AMA Raffle Bike

Built with a little help from Motoworks Chicago

We’re fond of airhead BMWs in general, but this R75 is near and dear to our hearts because we helped Tony rebuild the R75’s beating boxer heart. You see, we started as a motorcycle repair shop more than a decade a go specializing in BMW. Even though we’ve since added retail lines from Triumph, Ducati and Vespa to the mix since then, BMW service is still a huge part of what we do day in and day out. This is actually the second BMW airhead motor we’ve rebuilt recently for one of Analog’s killer custom builds. We did the engine for Tony’s 1976 BMW R90/6 build as well. It’s a great combination. We do all the specialty motor work, and that frees Tony up to do all the fabrication and design that makes his bikes so unique. Everybody wins, and we’d love to make the assist on more and more custom bikes in the future, so keep that in mind as you plan your projects.

Analog Motorcycles AMA Raffle Bike

This bike can be yours: The AMA giveaway

This R75/6 isn’t a passion project for Analog, nor is it a commissioned customer build in the usual sense. This bike was built at the request of the AMA — the American Motorcyclist Association. Specifically, the bike is being raffled off to help raise funds for the AMA Hall of Fame Museum, a non-profit organization that helps celebrate the history and the present of all things motorcycle. You can get your raffle tickets here: Analog Motorcycles R75/6GS Giveaway

In the meantime, congrats to Tony and Analog Motorcycles for yet another remarkable bike.

Photos by Whiplash Racing Media