We love the Triumph Thruxton. It’s the most modern classic of Triumph’s modern classic line. Sure, at it’s core it’s a Bonneville, but it’s a Bonneville with its Cafe Racer rock anthem cranked up to 11. At least, it’s as much that as a stock bike can be these days. One of the things we love about the Thruxton (and motorcycles in general) is how it’s really a starting point. It’s the start of a journey, the start of a relationship and for most gear heads, it’s the starting point for making a motorcycle truly yours.

With that in mind, we’ve started looking at some of the brand new motorcycles on our showroom floor and asking a very simple question. If this was my bike, what would I do to it to make it that little extra bit special? The answer is what we call a “Works Edition” bike. We take a brand new, stock motorcycle or scooter, and we make some tasteful changes. Nothing too crazy — we’re not trying to redesign or revolutionize the thing — just those little touches that help undo some of those things that the DOT and “mass appeal” have done wrong to a given machine.

Which brings us back to the Thruxton. We’ve just completed a 2014 Triumph Thruxton Works Edition, and we really dig the results. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Rizoma Spy-R Mirror
  • British Customs Predator Exhaust
  • British Customs Cafe Racer Seat
  • British Customs Turn Signals
  • British Customs Fender Eliminator
  • British Customs Flat Gauge Cluster
  • British Customs Fork Gaitors
  • British Customs Passenger Peg Block Off’s
  • British Customs Clutch Cable Bracket
  • British Customs Clutch Lift Arm Finisher
  • British Customs Rectifier Relocation Kit

In our opinion, the majority of these items should really be the starting point of a Thruxton. The exhaust, the subdued turn signals, the flat gauge cluster, the fork gaitors, etc. It’s basic stuff, in the end, but we wanted to put one of these together because we know that somewhere out there, there’s a rider who this is their bike. This is all the things (or at least most of the things) that they’d want to do to this bike as soon as they bought it anyway. Think of this as a time saver.

Not your cup of tea? It’s cool. We don’t take it personally. We’ve got bone stock Thruxtons for sale too if that’s how you want to roll. Have something else in mind? We can make that happen too. But keep an eye out. We’re just getting started. We’ve got other motorcycles in mind for the Works treatment.